You don't need that lampshade on your head to be the life of the party. Just bring your sparkly and very best self, the one on the top of everyone's guest list. When you leave the office for the day, really leave it. One phrase you'll never hear from a super-guest: "This lime has no juice." Keep the party from drying up by bringing the juice with you.

Don't fake it. Genuine excitement is contagious. Think of each party as an opportunity for adventure. Bring your disco ball, bring your iPod party playlist – make it your turn to ignite the dance floor.

The quickest way to become the center of attention is to turn it on others. Listen. Be intrigued. Make eye contact and don't interrupt. And don't trump your new friend's story about kayaking the local stream by bragging about your sailboat race in the Mediterranean.

Wear a conversation piece: a crazy t-shirt, flashy heirloom, nutty button, flower in your hair. Make it easy for other guests to chat you up!

And bring the water cooler with you. Keep tabs on the hot news and entertainment topics that get people talking and squawking.

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