Successful hosts attract all types and stripes like electro-magnets for one simple reason: they make every single guest feel like a star. Their homes become the reliable address for a good time, even if the table is only set for two. Laugh about the "welcome wagon" but the key ingredient in the party cart is enthusiasm. The trick is to leave an imprint – personalize the way you entertain. Slip formality a chill pill, and skip to the part where everyone's rocking out loud, and the girls are wearing the boys' jackets. It's the human interaction that transforms a list into a magic formula. So give your guests the tools and toys to ignite interaction!

For example:
Mix and mingle.
At your next party, create a DIY bartender station with signature cocktails. Guests meet and greet as they follow the recipes and whip up drinks for each other. Or, if you’re looking for an excuse to invite all the cute golf dudes over – a beer and scotch tasting party ought to do the trick!

Rule number two:
Any excuse will do. Snagging grandma's secret tamale recipe means instant ¡Viva la Fiesta! Throw an adult spin on the party by spicing up the piñata with naughty toys.

capitalize on opportunity. Access to a hotel room? Slumber party! Get a Ouji board, some scary stories and stay up all night.

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