Ever catch a clip of the Kennedy clan playing a weekend game of touch football and wonder why your family doesn't have traditions of your own? It's time to review your weekends, vacations and holidays as fresh opportunities for rescuing past traditions and creating new ones. Tradition can be history in the making – celebrating friends and family, past and future, securing our roots, and keeping them healthy and growing. These rituals we embrace often guide our social lives. So make it your mission to make the most of them!

Start simple and close to home. Are there traditions already in place that you can expand on? Don't be afraid to put a new spin on a staid old event. Weddings, for example, are full of ceremony and procedure – making them personal gives them meaning. Like one friend who was willed his grandfather’s signet ring, when a family member marries the ring is sewn into the wedding gown or worn by the groom. Or a cousin who was given her father’s china, she now uses to host the family engagement parties.

What's your game? If music's your thing, host a seasonal listening party of new music. Love gardening? Plant a tree and take a family photo next to it every year. If fitness is your thing, how about organizing your circle to host an annual charity power walk?

Tap into your creative capital. Some traditions might be wearing thin, and need a new approach. If you are tired of the hectic holidays, plan an annual family escape with the gift fund.

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